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As promised, here is Sagittarius, known also as Sagittarialle, a shape-shifter who can transform into a Centaur at will. She's modeled after my best friend and tends to be a bit more on the quiet side. Like with Ariene, I'm not too sure on all the details of Sagittarialle's character just yet. If I do much more than draw these Zodiacs, however, I'll definitely give each one's character some serious thought.
The first of a series: This is a spur-of-the-moment characterization of the Zodiac sign Aries. It started off as a lame idea that turned into a game of 'Can I make up a unique name for each zodiac sign?' to concept art. And now here we are! I don't know all that much about this series or if it'll be anything more than a chance to brush up on my digital art skills but I DO intend on creating a character like Ariene here for each Zodiac sign. I might edit this text a bit later when I've mulled over his personality a bit more but, for now, I like to think of Ariene as a fun-loving, robust, protective friend to all who loves a good fight. Sagittarius is up next!
Newest addition to the Zodiac Heroes line up. I've decided that not all Zodiacs will be 'Heroes' necessarily but seeing as I haven't developed enough of an idea on that, I won't start picking out who's a Hero, Villain, or Neutral yet. More to come! 

P.s. I can't sleep lol
Rider Profile 2.0
Everyone, this is Night Rider, current leader of my little team of SYWTSTW Heroes (whom I have yet to name by the way) and she is a total BOSS. At least, that's the vibe I get from her anyway. This is her when she's all young and rebellious and shit but you can already see the makings of a stone cold badass just waiting to come out! Future Night Rider is a little more stoic and harder to read, but when you've crossed a line or fucked up somehow, she'll be sure to let you know. Young Rider is often brash and can sometimes act before she thinks, but she's definitely got a good heart and is a lot more optimistic than her future self. She and her brother, Rough Rider, often work together as a crime fighting duo but tend to clash more and more these days....

Also, please ignore the crappy line work! I was waaaay too impatient to tidy it up. Maybe later.
Mohawk Spirit No Background
It's been a while since I've posted (though I've been drawing like a maniac lately) but here's this little gem! I've got no idea about a name though so if anyone wants to help out, it would be much appreciated!


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Hi! My name is Liz and I've been writing for about as long as I can remember. For me, writing and drawing have always gone hand in hand. I'm not sure what I used my pencil first, writing or drawing. But regardless of which came first, they are deeply intertwined in my work. You will be seeing a lot of my own works on this page which includes original character artwork, profiles and excerpts from my stories, all of which are owned solely by me. Comments, questions, and critiques are more than welcome, as they encourage me to do better and because I like to meet new people! Thank you and I do hope you all enjoy my work!!!



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